11 1 / 2012

Some places just feel like home and Half & Half in Clayton, Missouri is no exception. This little treasure charms you from the sidewalk with its weathered sign and cheerful disposition. When you walk in you are transported in to a cozy countryside-style café. The antique cupboards, exposed kitchen, and mason jar fixtures are only some of the accents that make this a feel good venue. Fresh, bold coffee is poured and a glass bottle of water is set upon the table. Curiously glancing around reveals heaping portions and happy customer faces gathered around classic wooden tables or nestled in booths. The menu is intriguing with dishes varying from steak and eggs to brioche french toast. My difficulty in choosing a plate was not solely from the variety however, but from the exceptional twists that the chefs had added. Veggie hash is not a creation of typical ingredients like peppers and tomato sprinkled with cheese but a savory one of brussels sprouts, spinach, onions, and potatoes while culinary adventurers can take on Fried Chicken Livers with caper aioli and tobacco onions. My decision was made as a passing plate caught my eye…and my sweet tooth. The Clara Cakes are a sensational concoction with pancakes covered and layered with raspberries and an endless stream of warm, sweet mascarpone. Cutting down with your fork insures another burst of sweetness while the granola topping gives you a delightful crunch. 
My first experience at Half & Half was one for the books and I can enthusiastically say all breakfast and brunch lovers should give this little restaurant their attention. 

(Source: halfandhalfstl.com)

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